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Past Northmoor Samoyeds....

Below are pictures of Samoyeds we have either produced or have owned at one time. This spans many, many years so some of the pictures are quite old. sledding sledding Sir Nick Winterbury Seven Lakes Pride Rocky Poppy of Westlake Northmoor Tasha Shinning StarNorthmoor Tasha Shining Star
Hallel Shalom NorthmoorHallel Shalom Northmoor Holly Murphy
Northmoor Lily Grace and Shasta Northmoor Lily Grace and Shasta
Northmoor Lily Grace and Shasta

Aspen Beau        
Aspen                                                                         Northmoor Classic Beau Tie Sammy Group Sammy Group Frosty Jordy Jordy
Jordy and his pool.

Northmoor Lily GraceNorthmoor Lily Grace

NyssaNyssa Nyssa

Puppy Licks Puppy Licks Pumpkin Puppies Puppy Howler
Puppy Chloe babies
Mud Dog Rocky Beau son

Lily and Tess
Northmoor Lily Grace and Northmoor Countesse Masquee

Quick Dip In The Pool!

Sasha Nishi
Sasha Nishi and her family on Halloween.